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Firstly, thanks for purchasing our PWRON Smart Device - please see below set up video tutorial or find Set Up Guide PDF at the bottom of this page.



To use your PWRON Smart Device you must set up a user account - credit card will be required upon set up (currently free annual subscription)



You receive 25 free SMS credits upon valid subscription, any additional SMS credits will be charged at $6.95 (to your credit card) – the automatic threshold is 10 SMS credits, for example, you will automatically purchase 25 SMS credits once your account shows 10 SMS credits available.



Your account will be billed automatically for ongoing subscriptions (free annual subscription in place) and SMS credits. If you have any transaction enquiries, please email


You can log in to your user interface from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer by visiting and entering your unique account details at any time.


Every time you hold the “reset” button for five seconds and plug into a “on” wall socket you reset the device – this means you will have to repeat all device set up tasks, expect you will not have to repeat account set up, simply click on “already have an account”

If you experience a power outage – you DO NOT have to reset your device, it will automatically reset and send a reset alert.


If you are experiencing wi-fi dropouts and potentially receive “false outage alerts” – simply log in to your account and go to settings, press edit and select the wifi sensitivity level – change to desired wi-fi sensitivity

Note: Default is set to 3 minutes, this is very sensitive – meaning if the power outage is longer than 1 minute, you will receive an alert. You can change to 3, 5 or 10 minutes.


The alert repeat setting is default to “never” – you may want to set an alarm repeat in case you miss the initial alert. Or have very sensitive needs and require constant alarm repeats due to importance of application.



The user can set SMS alerts as required – the default setting will be the account holder, you can add as many recipients as you require

Note: You will receive one SMS on outage and one on reset plus any alarm repeats.

Note: SMS credits will be used quicker if you have more than one recipient (please be aware of SMS credit top ups)


How do I receive an alert if my wi-fi is off and my power is out?

The device itself doesn’t send the alert, our monitoring service does, therefore we can send an alert even if your wi-fi is off and the power is out.


What wi-fi router do I need to use?

A router that supports 2.4Ghz is required.

Can I have multiple devices on my account?

Yes, you can have unlimited devices on your account, but each device requires it’s own subscription.

I am experiencing “false” alerts due to poor wi-fi (dropouts), what do I do?


Simply set your wi-fi sensitivity level to a higher setting, 5 to 10 minutes will usually fix the problem.


Can I move the device to another power point?


Yes, once the device is “married” to a wi-fi connection, you can move it to any power point where that wi-fi can be used. You do not have to reset the device.

Can I move the device to another house with different wi-fi?


Yes, although you will have to reset the device and set up a new subscription.

I experienced a power outage, do I need to reset the device?


No, it will automatically re-establish a connection with our server (via your wi-fi) once power is restored (and send you a reset alert)

How many recipients can I add to my account?


Unlimited, but please be aware you will use SMS credits for every alert and reset that is sent to every recipient.

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